SoulFire is a tool that sends bots to your Minecraft server to allow you to stress-test your server to be prepared for a large number of players. It also has many other utilities that allow you to manage your bots in useful ways.

Why should I use SoulFire?

SoulFire strives on being the best bot tool for Minecraft servers. It is designed to be straightforward to use, and to be as efficient as possible. It is also designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with a simple and easy-to-use interface that also allows you to do advanced things.

The bot is also designed to be as hard to detect as possible, so you can also use it to test your server's anti-bot measures.

Special features

So, what is it in for you?

  • Properly implemented systems (like physics) to prevent bot detection.
  • Pathfinding system to measure chunk loading and entity processing.
  • Many plugins to make your bots do useful things, such as kill aura, auto totem/armor/eat/jump and more.
  • Tools for doing advanced attacks such as connecting to backend servers with proxy forwarding mode enabled. (BungeeCord, Velocity, BungeeGuard)

Getting started