Import Proxies

Import Proxies

SoulFire allows you to use proxies to hide your IP address and bypass IP limits on servers.

Looking for proxies?

There are many websites that offer free proxies, but be careful as many of them are not reliable or secure.

If you need a good proxy service, I recommend Webshare (opens in a new tab) (I get commissions for purchases made through this link). I've used Webshare for my own projects and tried other services such as ProxyScrape (opens in a new tab), but they come nowhere close to the quality of Webshare. Webshare offers both free and premium proxies and is a reliable and secure service.

Proxy types

SoulFire supports HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies.

Select the proxy type in the GUI or CLI and use one of these formats with one proxy per line:


ip:port <- no authentication
ip:port:username:password <- authentication


ip:port <- no authentication
ip:port:username <- authentication (socks4 doesn't support passwords)


ip:port <- no authentication
ip:port:username:password <- authentication


This format allows you to use multiple proxy types in one file.

socks5://ip:port <- no authentication
socks5://username:password@ip:port <- authentication
socks4://ip:port <- no authentication
socks4://username@ip:port <- authentication
http://ip:port <- no authentication
http://username:password@ip:port <- authentication