Operation Modes

Operation Modes

SoulFire can run in multiple operation modes. This page explains how stuff works. You may want to read the GUI Mode Guide or the CLI Mode Guide for more information.

Client vs. Server

In SoulFire there is a distinction between the client and the server. This is very similar to Minecraft, where the client is the game you play and the server is the game you connect to. In Soulfire, the client is the one that controls the bots and the server is the one that runs the attacks.

GUI/CLI Client Standalone

The GUI/CLI comes pre-installed with a SoulFire server. This means that you can run attacks on your machine without needing to set up a dedicated server. This pre-installed server is only accessible from the GUI/CLI and is not meant to be used for remote access from other clients. If you want to run attacks via a remote server, you need to set up a dedicated server.

GUI/CLI Client Remote

The GUI/CLI client is the SoulFire client that connects to a remote server. This is useful if you want to run attacks on a remote server that you want to remotely control. This is the recommended way to run SoulFire on a remote server. You can not only have multiple users on the same SoulFire dedicated server, but you can also run