Install on Windows

Installation on Windows (.msi)

Before installing, we recommend you to read the main installation page.

Basic Installation

In this section, you can read how to set up SoulFire on your Windows PC.

Download the software

Download the latest Windows installer from the front page.

Run the installer

Go into the folder where you downloaded the installer and double-click it.

Ignore warnings

You may receive a warning from Windows Defender or your browser. You can ignore this warning and continue. For Windows Defender, click "More info" and then "Run anyway".

This is a common issue with new software that doesn't have a lot of downloads yet.

Follow the installer

Follow the installer's instructions. You can leave most settings at their default values.

That's it!

You should now have SoulFire installed on your Windows PC. You can now open it from the Start menu, the Desktop icon or by searching for it.

Next steps

After installing SoulFire, you can read the GUI Mode Guide to learn how to use the software.